The Podcast

NotPorn is the Sex-in-Film podcast where long-time friends, Lyra & Laura, discuss sexuality in mainstream film and television (i.e. not porn.) The discussions are frank, casual and explicit. When discussing specific movies and shows, major plot points may end up being revealed. The entire podcast should be considered SPOILER territory. Each episode description lists the titles involved, in order to give fair warning.


Lyra works at a community college library and spends her free time in a myriad of creative ways, depending on her mood (Laura would say this is because she is a Gemini, to which Lyra would offer an exaggerated eye-roll.) She loves extravagantly rare steak, strikingly cold beer, laughing to the point of embarrassment, Ishtar and animals of all sorts – particularly insects and spiders. She dislikes disingenuous behavior, condescension, moral indignation and shirts with ruffled necklines. Her list of ‘Favorite-People-I’ve-Never-Actually-Met’ includes Charles Dance, Jason Mantzoukas*, Maggie Smith, Patton Oswalt, Emma Stone and NPR’s Stephen Thompson*.

*Jason Mantzoukas and Stephen Thompson had to be moved from the ‘Favorite-People-I’ve-Never-Actually-Met’ list to the ‘Favorite-People-I’ve-Actually-Met’ list. That list also includes Michael McMillian and ‘Commander’ Mark Kistler.


Laura works in the mental health field (the very thought of which makes Lyra giggle) and can often be found spending her free time with her husband Toby, adoring and/or coping with their three lovably neurotic cats. She loves fistfuls of buttery popcorn, car bombs sans whiskey (which Toby has dubbed ‘bicycle bombs’), holding people hostage with astrological discussions, cat sneezes, The Golden Girls and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Yes, seriously.) She dislikes Totalitarianism, Freudian malarky, people who de-claw cats and leaf blowers. Her list of ‘Favorite-People-I’ve-Never-Actually-Met’ includes David Bowie, Ricky Gervais, Bianca Del Rio, Karl Pilkington, Maria Bamford and Rhys Darby.

The Friendship

Lyra and Laura met in 2004 when Laura was hired in the cafe at the bookstore where Lyra was working. In spite of Laura’s strange ability to inspire in Lyra an uncharacteristic blend of skepticism and suspicion, they became fast friends… bonding over their love of movies, sex, delicious food and their unifying ability to laugh hysterically at the absurdities of their own misfortunes. They have road tripped to Montana together, they have fed lions together and they have narrowly escaped the ambitious sexual advances of an effeminate young man in girl pants… together. They can often be found lunching at the local Indian buffet, overdosing on naan and butter chicken while making affectionate Statler and Waldorf-style commentary on the Indian music videos played on the restaurant’s television.


The Theme Music

Our theme music is courtesy of our dear friend, Kenny Gray (aka Augray). You can find more of his music here, on Soundcloud.