A Quick NotPorn Update

October 8, 2015

Well, as you may have noticed… there was not an episode last week. And this isn’t one either.

Does that mean we have ceased to exist?!

No, no it does not. Unfortunately life doesn’t always care for the idea of working in neat little bundles… it gets messy and busy and full of ‘other things’ all the time. Laura and I both did so well during the summer months, when obligations were at their lowest, but now there’s work AND school AND various other personal experiences taking place in both our lives, so our uneven and unsynchronized schedules have caused us to take a small, unexpected hiatus from production.

Actually, we do have a guest host episode, but it still needs post-production editing and so forth, so it will probably not be out until next week.

In the meantime, we’re working to restructure our production so that we can resume our episodes on a regular, if not weekly, basis.

We DO still exist, and we WILL keep you posted!

Talk to you soon, NotPorners,


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