Welcome to NotPorn: The Sex in Film Podcast!


Here we are at last! It was a longer, harder road getting here than we expected when we first made our decision to start a podcast, but it was well worth the effort. We are so excited about sharing this project with you!


So, who are we really, and what are we doing here? Well, the bones of the matter are pretty simple… I’m Lyra, a “Library Information Technician” (fancy wording for ‘I work in a library, but am paid far less than a librarian’) at our local community college library. Laura is even stingier with her personal statistics and is going with “works in the mental health field.”

Pretty ironic that we’ve chosen to record ourselves talking about one of the most intimate subjects imaginable and then post it for all the world to hear! But there it is. We are nothing if not a mess of contradictions.


“But, dammit all,” you say, “Why sex in film?!”


Well, yes, there’s that. And in the beginning, all we really knew was that we wanted to make a podcast. It’s something we’d both been interested in doing, separately, for quite some time. Laura has been an avid podcast listener for a few years now, so her interest was obvious. I had not yet discovered the pleasures of being a podcast listener, because where I live is rural enough to not have anything in the way of connectivity outside of dial-up. Media downloads are impossible, and using Wi-Fi entails a trip into town, and that’s a half-hour drive each way. (If you could take a moment to appreciate that fact as you read this post, I’d be much obliged.) My own desire to do a podcast came mostly from the exuberant childhood memories of recording pretend radio shows with my best friend on my treasured old cassette deck. I should add that when we decided to undertake this project I did make the effort to download as many podcasts as my iPod could hold and I am now a rampant podcast listener! But back to our origin story…


Eventually, Laura brought up the topic of making a podcast during one of our typical hours-long conversations. We were instantly excited about the prospect! And entirely clueless about the process!


Honestly, it took almost no time at all for us to come up with our subject matter. It was all too obvious. In an episode of the Daily Show where Jerry Seinfeld was discussing his web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he described the show as ‘what he would be doing anyway’. You wish to know why we chose to do a podcast where we talk about sex in movies and television? Because that’s what we would be doing anyway.


Laura and I have always been interested in the topic of sexuality. It’s a bedrock element in our over-a-decade-long friendship. We’re interested in the science of it, the seriousness of it, the silliness of it… hell, why not the alliteration of it?! That is truly a fuckload of S’s happening in a single subject.

And we love movies. I mean, LOVE movies. Speaking for myself, I consume them like a sugar addict let loose in a See’s candy factory. My DVD collection is obscene. In size! Obscene in size!


The subjects of sex and film together are a match made in heaven for the two of us and we talk about them, and how they intersect, all the time. So now we’re recording it. And now… after the numerous trials and tribulations that can probably be imagined when you picture two technologically inexperienced young ladies slowly learning their way through the process, and just generally not really knowing what the fuck they’re doing… you get to hear all about it! How stoked do you feel right now?! Preeeetty stoked, I bet. Well, have at it, my friends. Our willful embarrassment of ourselves awaits!


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