The Movie Kiss. It can be such a satisfying moment… characters you’ve come to love, to care about… characters whose amorous connection you’re rooting for… finally meet at the mouth and everything feels a tad euphoric. Or at least, that’s the goal. Sometimes it catches that perfect light and floats us right up to the ceiling, tingly bits and all. Sometimes it gets the job done, if only adequately so. Sometimes we watch two people hoark desperately into each other mouths and everything gets awfully queasy. This time around we’re dipping our toe into this vast subject. We certainly have things to say, opinions to voice… but don’t think for a moment we came anywhere close to getting to everything we wanted to express! There’s just too much! Even as I assembled the images for the Pinterest album for this episode I found myself in a near-constant state of facepalm over all the many great (and not-so-great) screen kisses that I’d forgotten I wanted to mention. ::sigh::

And I do not doubt that many of you will likely find yourselves screaming at us for our egregious exclusions… but I promise, we will be revisiting this topic! There’s just too much to cover.

In fact, if there’s a particular kiss you’d like to make sure we address next time around, please let us know! Kisses fly where sex scenes fear to tread, and while we have, between us, seen a colossal number of movies for a couple of thirtysomethings, we’re simply not going to be able to stumble our way to all the good stuff on our own. Leave a comment below, shoot us an email through our Contact page, tweet it at us or start a conversation on our Facebook page. Either way, we’d love to hear your ideas on the subject!

You can find the Pinterest album for this episode here.

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