Well hello! Here we are again with another scintillating discussion of sex in film!

…or is it?

The thing about Romantic Comedies is that the genre, overall, is inextricably linked to the concept of sex in film, while often shying away from dealing with it almost completely! It hints at it, references it, toys with it… but, often as not, tries to pussyfoot around it in the name of love and romance… as if sex is to unseemly to include. Or to ridiculous to do anything but laugh at.

So, this time around we take a closer look… at what we like about Rom Coms, what we dislike about them, and about what we think might be just the thing for infusing them with a bit of our pet subject (…sex. It’s sex. In case you were still wondering.) without losing what makes them (sometimes) charming to begin with.

Join us!

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