Planning is really just a more formal version of good intentions. You think,  Yes, I will being doing this very certain thing, at this very certain time… there is no reason I can’t simply tell people to expect just such a thing at just that particular time.

But you know what they say about the road to Hell…. It’s exactly where you end up when you’re busy planning a trip somewhere else entirely.

Originally our plan was to give you a ‘Coming of Age’ episode… we even watched the movies! But with the start of school (Myself, working at one and Laura taking a couple of classes) and a few other schedule conflicts, we had to pull out a pre-recorded backup episode to share with you this week. But our ‘Coming of Age’ episode is still on it’s way, don’t you fret! (I’m sure that’s exactly what you were doing just now.)

For this week, we’ve got a ‘Sex Scene List Review’ on tap for you. What the hell is that? Well, a lot of pop culture outlets like to throw together their own lists of the sex scenes they think are really…. sexy, steamy, kinky, uncomfortable… pretty much insert whatever adjective they’ve decided to employ their opinions on. And we’ve decided that from time to time we are going to track one of these lists down for assessment and review. This time around we’re providing commentary on Popsugar’s list, The 29 Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of All Time. And honestly, we had a pretty fun time at it! We hope you have just as much fun listening.

You can find the original Popsugar list here, and the Pinterest album for this episode here.


Admit it… you’ve had a crush on a mythical being… or an alien… or a cartoon character. No? Really?! Are you sure? Well, we sure as hell have! And we’re here to talk about it, dammit!

We decided to explore the strange, yet somehow rather common, attractions that people develop for the various non-human, cartoon and ‘human-obscured’ characters we’re so often introduced to in film, television and comic books.


Yes. It’s a thing. You’ll see… you’ll get it… just listen to the damn episode!

And wait, did you say comic books? I thought this was a film and television podcast?!

Yeah, okay… that’s true. But they’re very entwined these days and for a girl like myself, who grew up with more comic books than television, it became a necessary inclusion for this topic. Deal with it.

Honestly, it’s a pretty interesting topic and I think we were both a little surprised at quite how universal it ended up being. Join us and see if one of your not-so-human crushes overlap with ours!

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So, just how badly have you been yearning to listen to me mangle other people’s names? Does the fact that I’ve heard all sorts of creative versions of ‘Lyra’, earn me any kind of leeway? Maybe?

Well, in this, our first episode delving into the murky waters of sexy foreign films, we decided it would be so much more fun if we started somewhere that we were previously completely unfamiliar with. And if we could add some of the most intimidating pronunciational puzzles to the mix, well then hell… even better!

So here we go, Poland! Aren’t you delighted our clumsy gaze has landed on you? Thrill as I trip my way through some of your truly amazing names… all in the sincere desire to express what a fascinating time I had discovering a couple of your films!

Honestly, we just did a Google search for something along the lines of ‘Poland movies sex scenes’ and then took a flying leap at a couple of titles. This episode is the outcome.

All in all, it was a great success and I think we can both safely say, Poland has some excellent sexiness to offer, folks! Check it out…

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Well folks, a couple of episodes back, when we tackled the topic of friends with benefits, we mentioned that we wanted to do an episode on the Amy Schumer vehicle, Trainwreck, which at the time still had yet to be released.

Well… we love keeping promises. It came. We saw it. Here’s the episode.

However, if you came here expecting the same glowing response that the average critic has been lavishing on this film, well, prepare for a level of disappointment not unlike what we felt leaving the theater. Which is not to say we didn’t enjoy ourselves! Or find ourselves laughing! Also something you can ultimately parallel with this episode, I hope.

So have we whet your appetite? No?! Well, dammit, just play the episode and find out what the hell I’m talking about!

Also, if you’re wondering why we’re recording somewhere in the vicinity of festively frolicking reindeer, those tinkling sleigh bells you may end up hearing once and awhile in the background, are actually the bell-collars of three very naughty cats who will not take the party elsewhere.

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