Friends with benefits. I think most of us have heard the term, but I’m beginning to suspect that we don’t all think of the same thing when we address the concept. I know, if nothing else, that Hollywood and myself have different ideas on the topic.

But then again, we are talking about a couple of romantic comedies, so perhaps I should lighten up a bit… not on how good they are (or are not, as the case may be.) They still have to answer for quality within the confines of rom-com-ness, to which I think one manages to be passable, the other… not so much.

The problem mainly lies in the fact that I have a very personal affinity for the concept of friends with benefits, but clearly come at the idea from a much different perspective (among other things, I take thefriends’ part very seriously) whereas these films obviously revolve around characters who want more, but have lost faith in their ability to find it and then settle for something ‘less complicated’… because they are naive as hell. But then, again, ROM. COM. I know… I know.

But this is what we have on the matter… or is it? Do any of you out there know of some other title that might address the concept differently? If so, do enlighten us, because….. Hollywood apparently only knows how to empty it of meaning. Though, if Pinterest is anything to go by, there are plenty of those who love these films… so perhaps you think we’re full of shit? I’d be interesting to hear some differing opinions!

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