Sex Machines! Well, sex with androids and artificial intelligence to be exact. We very sincerely expected this to be a typical, straightforward episode… and instead found ourselves overcome with all sorts of difficult to describe feelings!

Honestly, this episode didn’t turn out at all the way we expected it to. Oh sure, there were plenty of superficial responses and attractions, but then came all these strange emotional reactions and we found ourselves examining some much heavier shit, both about ourselves and about the ways in which we perceive humanity. Wow.

But don’t for a moment translate that into the idea that this wasn’t a whole lot of fun… we actually had a blast making this episode! In fact, aside from some craptastic audio problems with Laura’s half of the recording… which kept me up late trying to smooth it all out enough to be listenable (and I apologize that it’s a little crappier than usual… I did my best) this is probably one of our favorite episodes so far! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Movies Discussed: Cherry 2000 (1987), A.I. (2001), Blade Runner (1982), Ex Machina (2015), Her (2013) and Black Mirror S02E01 – Be Right Back (2013)

Also Mentioned: Demon Seed (1977), Star Trek: First Contact (1996) and The Machine (2013)

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