When discussing sex in movies, there are certain topics which are simply too complex and varied to be captured in a single conversation, or condensed into the experiences of the number of films we could watch for an episode. With that in mind, we’ve decided to shake up our structure just a tad. For larger, broader subjects with a shit-ton of fascinating examples, we will choose a couple of titles to cover at a time and then revisit the topic periodically. Such is the case here, with our first foray into the cinematic landscape of girl-on-girl sexuality.

We started with an old favorite that we were both already familiar with, Bound (1996), the feature film debut of  The Wachowskis (known then as The Wachowski Brothers, before Laurence Wachowski became Lana Wachowski.)
It should be noted here that my references to the sibling director team as “The Wouldyawannacowskis” is in no way meant as a put-down… it’s only a play on my personal inability to get their name right… the same misfortune befalls the beautiful and talented Mia Wasikowska, who at times becomes Mia Fuzzawazzacowska in the face of my unfailing pronunciatory ineptitude.

For our second feature on the subject, we chose Blue is the Warmest Color (2013), which was a new viewing for us both and, being a famous entry on the topic, was an obvious must-see.

In retrospect, our choices were well-made and we had a very enjoyable time dipping our toe in the subject matter… we hope you have the same experience!

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