Sexy Traits! We’ve all got ’em! Right? Right? ….Right?!

Yes. The answer is yes. If you’re thinking maybe no, then you need to look a little harder, cuz damn… they’re there! And we found them! And we’re talking about them on this, our 26th(-ish) episode.

As you may have seen in our social media posts, this episode was supposed to go out last week, but during the editing process I discovered that technical difficulties had crapped all over the last 15 minutes. So, we had to postpone and get together again to record a patch of sorts. The result works, I think, more-or-less… if not quite so charming as the original material.

…And yes, I’m telling myself that our tipsy observations are nothing if not charming… it’s how I sidestep embarrassment during the multiple listens that edits require. Not into the sound of your own voice? Try repeat listens of the same words in the span of a few hours. You will never have a harder time trying not to facepalm at the sound of your own doofy guffaws.

But enough about the traits we side-eye… this episode is all about the traits that butterscotch our puddings (wait, what?! …shhh… shhh… just go with it.) And it’s just sweaters and hobbits and Chris Evans for as far as the eye can see…

No, you’ll like it. Join us.

Also, I have no idea how I managed to forget to use Dylan O’Brien as my example for perfect forearms (How did I do that?! Wine.) I’ve remedied the omission in the Pinterest album for this episode, which you can find it here.

p.s. It was Emma Thompson. Emma THOMPSON. My fucking brain. And… wine.