So, here we are… finally… to discuss the tripe that is ‘Fifty Shades Darker’.

It was hard. Hard to do. Schedules were a problem, but then willpower was too. BUT we managed it, and I think we at least talked about it with a great more ease then we watched it with. AND we did it with our first ever third chair!

Our guest, henceforth referred to as ‘Anna’, is a dear friend to us both and brought with her a more ‘lady next door’ perspective to mix in with our combined and decidedly vast sex-nerdity.

It didn’t give us a whole lot, so it’s a shorter episode, but we still definitely had things to say! And Laura may have mixed for me a stronger-than-usual cocktail. Mayhaps.

Join us and maybe save yourself the viewing experience!

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Sex in Film 2015…

Let’s start out with some basic honesty… this episode was recorded by two young ladies who had just split an entire bottle of wine. This fact may, or may not, become apparent to you, our listeners, most likely depending on how well you already know us. Aside from that, the episode title is pretty self-explanatory. Mainstream cinema hasn’t had a lot to offer connoisseurs of sex scenes in the more recent history. We’re excited about the prospect the success of these two films might offer in the way of a renewed interest in sex in film. We’re much less excited about these two particular films in-and-of themselves. But that distinction is what this episode is basically all about, so let’s just go ahead and get down to it…

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