Sex with Aliens. Does that just sound creepy to you? I can imagine how it might. But this is our Sex in Sci-Fi month and how on Earth (or elsewhere) could we possibly pass up the subject?! Clearly, we aren’t the only ones who are curious. The genre has enough examples to assure us that it has crossed the minds of at least a few screenwriters.

So where did we go on this foray? Well, we started off pretty lightheartedly, with some silly 80’s fare… My Stepmother is An Alien and Earth Girls Are Easy. Then we veered right into the weird, head-scratching worlds of The Man Who Fell to Earth and Under The Skin.

You can find the Pinterest material for this episode here.

And for those of you interested in finding out more about the Under The Skin actor affected by neurofibromatosis that I mentioned in this episode, his name is Adam Pearson and you can find a great article on him here and information on the organization he’s a part of, Changing Faces, here.