So, just how badly have you been yearning to listen to me mangle other people’s names? Does the fact that I’ve heard all sorts of creative versions of ‘Lyra’, earn me any kind of leeway? Maybe?

Well, in this, our first episode delving into the murky waters of sexy foreign films, we decided it would be so much more fun if we started somewhere that we were previously completely unfamiliar with. And if we could add some of the most intimidating pronunciational puzzles to the mix, well then hell… even better!

So here we go, Poland! Aren’t you delighted our clumsy gaze has landed on you? Thrill as I trip my way through some of your truly amazing names… all in the sincere desire to express what a fascinating time I had discovering a couple of your films!

Honestly, we just did a Google search for something along the lines of ‘Poland movies sex scenes’ and then took a flying leap at a couple of titles. This episode is the outcome.

All in all, it was a great success and I think we can both safely say, Poland has some excellent sexiness to offer, folks! Check it out…

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