So, originally we had come up with this idea that we would spend certain months covering sex in film as it’s portrayed by different genres. Sex in Sci-Fi. Sex in Comedy. Sex in Westerns. That sort of thing.

(With that in mind, you should be very excited about October! We will, of course, be covering sex in Horror for that month and we are both already excited about all the awesome material we intend to cover.)

For June, we decided that we would cover Sci-Fi, and went about planning four separate episodes. We had planned on beginning with a general ‘Sex in Sci-fi’ episode, followed by three more specific topics, ‘Sex and Genetics’, ‘Sex with Aliens’ and ‘Sex and Artificial Intelligence’. Now, what you may not know (and really, why would you?) is that we don’t always record our episodes in quite the order we intend to release them. Since we usually record a couple at a time, that’s not usually a problem, but this time around things didn’t work out so well. We only recorded a single episode on our last session, the one on sex and genetics, because we still had a couple of movies to watch before we recorded that first general sci-fi episode. Then that next week, Laura got terrifically ill and we weren’t able to record again before our deadline. So, we’ve had to do a little shuffling around and now our general episode will be airing last in the order. Not a big deal, I realize, but there it is anyway.

Laura is back to good and healthy and we are prepped and ready for our next recording session, so everything is back on track.

With that all covered, let’s take a quick look at what we have for you in this episode. We’ve gone all GMO on you this time around. Sexy-time with genetically modified organisms/orgasms. Sci-fi likes to toy with the concepts of scientifically engineered creatures, and once they get into the humanoid category, it’s really only a matter of time before a sweaty young man in his mother’s basement wonders what it would be like to boff it. And if Sci-fi, of all genres, can’t cater to just such a sweaty young man from time to time, what good is it for, really?


So, here we have a selection: Species (1995), Splice (2009), and Teknolust (2002)


It’s a slightly shorter than average episode, which I think can be blamed mostly on Species. That film just sucked our brains dry.

 Also, if you’ve been wondering what the hell a podcast needs with a Pinterest account, let me assure you, you’re not the first to think such things… we’ve already been asked about it, haha! Our Pinterest account consists of albums composed for each episode, containing stills, posters and trailers for the movies we talk about. It’s really rather cool. You can find the album for this episode here.