Welcome to our bonus episode! So, it’s true, this episode is decidedly light on our sex-in-film theme, but we do mention sex and we do mention films… so it’s not totally off target. More than anything though, this episode is an opportunity for us, avid podcast listeners that we are, to share with you, presumably equally avid podcast listeners that you are, Lyra’s recent trip down to Anaheim, CA for the first annual Now Hear This Podcast Festival. It was a fantastic experience, filled with outstanding podcasts and outstanding human beings of all kinds… and since Laura was eager for me to share the experience with her, we figured, hell, why not just go ahead and record it?! You can partake if you wish, or just hold tight for the next ‘real’ episode… which is in the works… it’s up to you.

For those of you interested, the festival was a blast! I got a chance to see Never Not Funny, Comedy Bang Bang, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, I Was There Too, Superego, How Did This Get Made, Worst Idea of All Time, and Spontaneanation, along with some great guests including John Ross Bowie and Michael McMillian. There were fantastic new friends to be made (shout out to Melissa, Diana, Mike, Natalie, John, Josh and Freddy… among many others) and a couple of great meet-and-greet opportunities (along with a great opportunity for me to make a complete ass of myself… oh, it’s in there.)

I will take a quick moment to apologize… I didn’t realize until I started editing that a single weekend in So. Cal would transform me from an occasional user of ‘like’ as a verbal crutch, into a full-blown, like, ‘like’-machine. Also, completely overused ‘warm’, ‘delight/delightful’ and ‘lovely’. Though, honestly, if those are the words you’re overusing, you could be far worse off in life.

If you’d like to take a gander at the Pinterest album for this episode, you can find it here.

And if you enjoy this episode, or have your own experience of the festival to share, feel free to drop us a line about it… we’d be happy to hear your tales as well!

We’re back! Though, I’m using ‘we’ loosely, as I’m being joined by a guest host this time around, rather than Laura.

Oh no! Does that mean no more Laura?!

Well, we certainly hope not! It’s true that things have become extremely busy for Laura in recent months… what with full-time work and school and several (yes, several) rather exciting and rewarding changes for her and Toby (all good things, I promise!) But that also means that time for her is now at a premium. We will be working hard to keep her included, but we still have some brainstorming to do on how best to restructure things to make sure that’s the case. We will keep you posted!

As for this week’s episode… in keeping with October, my guest host, Becky and I will be discussing the sexiness to be found in horror-themed television. Horror television shows, much like horror films, are riff with sexuality, so we had a number of titles to discuss… and even at that, I realized we forgot a major one! Apologies to Lost Girl (Syfy) for the egregious omission… and if you’re not familiar with the show, it’s a good one to check out.

As it was, the episode ran a little long, so it actually ended up being split in two… the first part being this week’s episode and the second part will be out next week. So, in case you feel we shorted out on our opening conversation about Hannibal just a bit… show up for next week. We’ll be touching on it again near the end.

You’ll find the Pinterest album for this episode here.