So now that we’ve covered our first look at girl-on-girl action, how could we go very much further without adding our first set of guy-on-guy films? It just wouldn’t be right!

Laura and I have a rich history of enjoying gay films. They’ve played a significant role in our sex-in-film nerdity, so when if came time to choose a couple of titles, we had a huge list to pull from. Needless to say, it will be a revisited topic in the future.

As for our choices? Laura went the nostalgic route and chose her ‘first time’ gay flick, Jeffrey, from 1995. This worked well for me as well, being that it was one of those classics of the genre that I’d embarrassingly never gotten around to seeing.
Myself? I went with the last-in-first-out method and chose that last gay film I’d recently watched (read ‘last week’) and busted out the fabulous Weekend of just a few years ago.

They turned out to be a fantastic set of choices and we so enjoyed talking about them, and felt they led to so many side opinions we wished to discuss that I have no idea whatsoever how this episode turned out to be one of our shortest yet! It felt like we talked so much! Body objectification! Straight men playing gay men! Fake Jizz?! There was just so much to say… how could it be so short?!

Oh well. It was enjoyable, so that’s all that really counts.

Also, I might add that for anyone who feels like it sounds a little like we’re holding our discussion in a bit of a wind… well, at 113 °F outside, we simply couldn’t pull off a recording session without the AC on, so apologies for any background ‘sooshing’ noise.

p.s. The next time I forget Tatiana Maslany’s name, you have my permission to call me a twit. I’m really such shit with names. It’s embarrassing.

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