Admit it… you’ve had a crush on a mythical being… or an alien… or a cartoon character. No? Really?! Are you sure? Well, we sure as hell have! And we’re here to talk about it, dammit!

We decided to explore the strange, yet somehow rather common, attractions that people develop for the various non-human, cartoon and ‘human-obscured’ characters we’re so often introduced to in film, television and comic books.


Yes. It’s a thing. You’ll see… you’ll get it… just listen to the damn episode!

And wait, did you say comic books? I thought this was a film and television podcast?!

Yeah, okay… that’s true. But they’re very entwined these days and for a girl like myself, who grew up with more comic books than television, it became a necessary inclusion for this topic. Deal with it.

Honestly, it’s a pretty interesting topic and I think we were both a little surprised at quite how universal it ended up being. Join us and see if one of your not-so-human crushes overlap with ours!

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